Why Men and Women Cheat in Relationship.

Why Men and Women Cheat in Relationship.
Why Men and Women Cheat in Relationship.

The reason behind cheating in a relationship is primarily infidelity and the reason behind infidelity is dissatisfaction, insatiability, greed, gross indiscipline, selfishness, over-zealousness, laziness, pride, or outright wickedness and inhumanity. Infidelity and cheating are two different practices though most people do confuse the two to mean same. Infidelity simply means that someone is not keeping up to his/her words, promises and responsibilities. It also indicates that one party is lacking in terms of commitment and no longer living up to expectations. Cheating, therefore, is the direct offspring of infidelity. The first and foremost practical indication of infidelity in a relationship is cheating. Infidels always cheat.

The Unsaid Truth about Cheating

Cheating is not only restricted to sexual affairs. However, having extra-relationship sex (marital or not) appears to be the highest point of infidelity and cheating. It is the highest point of disrespect, disregard and insult one can demonstrate to his/her partner.   Cheating happens in so many ways in a relationship and not only in someone securing a successful sexual satisfaction from a third party.

If you’re not taking good care of your spouse whereas you’re directing your resources to another party, you are cheating. If you can hardly spend a good time, chatting or playing with your spouse whereas you can stage several hours either physically together or on phone (call or chat) exchanging romantic vibes with a third party, you are cheating. When you find out your spouse is bitterly complaining you are no longer giving them attention and you feign ignorance about it whereas there is someone else you can hardly pass a day/night without staying with or hearing from, you are cheating. When you find yourself deleting images, videos, chat history, text messages, e-mails, etc of someone else just in case your partner sees it, don’t swear you don’t cheat because you will eventually die.

Sometimes, people who cheat do so simply for the sex. Sometimes, it’s not about the relationship but just because the cheater doesn’t respect the union. But in most cases, infidelity occurs as part of connection with some other person that fulfills some unmet need. Perhaps it’s a need to boost self-esteem, and being desired makes them feel good, if only for a moment. For others, intimacy with their current spouse is too frequently rebuffed, and cheating brings them a sense of connection. Sometimes, it’s control. In rare cases, perhaps they lose control over what to watch on TV and begin to practice such.

Understanding why someone has cheated is imperative to knowing how to move forward, but just as everyone deals with hurt or pain or boredom differently, there is no one path in which to look. Good understanding can be a process.

Why Men Cheat.

90% of men who cheat do so for sex. The remaining 10% fall into the category whose desire may be economic gains, mere fantasy, boosting ego and one’s class, pursuing political career, mode of retaliation, etc.

The basic need of a man in relationship is sex, first…before any other thing would follow. Hence any woman that cannot meet up with the sexual orgy of her man is most likely to suffer heartbreak over cheating cases.  Especially in this era when dressing mode and patterns of most ladies are erotically inviting and sexually appetizing coupled with the extent of pornographic activities flooding the internet.

The attraction that hits the eyes and mind of the man at such sight sways his entire sexual mood and makes him pursue till he gets it…and thence, someone has just been cheated upon. A man whose woman cannot cook well can endure it but once she is sexually lazy it is a whole lot of trouble. Men should, therefore, discipline their minds with good self-control, cut their libido and help their women meet up where she may be lacking rather than running outside.

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Why Women Cheat.

Women rarely cheat for sex. Before you see a woman that is cheating, just know she has been suffering severe emotional pains and deeply injured in heart. It is only at the point they are no longer at ease to keep recycling their pains that they go into infidelity seeking a way to satisfy an unmet need and desire. A woman can only cheat on a man when she no longer loves him…and at such points may not be willing to continue. A woman can only give sex to a man her heart desires and her spirit welcomes.  Men give sex to any woman they are attracted to.

Any woman that maintains a happy, healthy and stable relationship can hardly cheat. When a woman is in a toxic and abusive relationship, she would just be perching waiting for the right man that can meet up with her romantic desires and emotional throb. The very moment she sees one, infidelity and cheating starts.

Only a handful of women do cheat for reasons outside this.



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