When Is The Most Appropriate Time To Quit a Relationship?

When Is The Most Appropriate Time To Quit a Relationship
When Is The Most Appropriate Time To Quit a Relationship

There comes a time in a relationship when departing and going individual ways in peace becomes more important than staying together in pieces. When going separate ways becomes a better advice. Relationship is supposed to be a mutually respected partnership between two like-minds. But if it comes to a point when the basic values that characterize love has been eroded and no longer visible at all in the relationship, then such becomes the most appropriate time to quit the relationship.

10 Indications of the time to quit a relationship.

The following are basic factors that clearly indicate that the time to quit the relationship is at hand:

  1. When the both partners no longer find any iota of comfort and happiness staying with or around each other and no visible effort is in sight to resolve and restore normalcy.
  2. When fundamental and mutual respect for each other is completely lost.
  3. When either or both couples begin to confide more in other people and keeping secrets from each other.
  4. When cases and issues can no longer be resolved between the two of them and third party interference becomes prevalent.
  5. When, as a result of constant issues and problems, sexual drive and mutual yawning for each other becomes lost.
  6. When either or both couples can comfortably stage outsiders with the issues, faults and flaws of their partners and their relationship without having a single remorse or re-think.
  7. When you get to find out that your partner is deliberately cheating on you and all good efforts to get him/her out of it goes futile.
  8. When there is life threatening issue bordering on things like constant and deliberate physical molestation and bullying, diabolism, witchcraft, etc.
  9. When it is very obvious that the man no longer loves the woman and the woman also has lost completely her respect and regard for the man.
  10. When the both couples begin to plant the seed of hatred for each other, then it is better to separate in peace than to dwell together in pieces.


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