What to Do When Your Man Says “I Am Not Ready Yet”

What to Do When Your Man Says “I Am Not Ready Yet”
What to Do When Your Man Says “I Am Not Ready Yet”

There is this mistake that majority of ladies have made in the past and which some are still making in the present. Most ladies have broken up with guys whom would have been their most perfect lifetime soul-mates simply because he is delaying to say “baby let us take it to the alter and say “I do””. Most also have used most kind of unfair and repressive statements and comments to kill the feelings of would-be best friends all in effort to make him visit home and see their (female’s) parents.

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You are indeed a couple, it’s official. You love yourself, you have a beautiful relationship, everything is perfect … well, and everything is perfect for him. On your side, you have grown impatient, you want more: he getting you introduced to his family, a common apartment or perhaps fixing a wedding, and all that.

Whether you want the ultimate commitment or just going to meet your friends, you have to know how to respect your partner’s pace, which is often slower than yours. That he is not ready to take a step further for your couple-hood does not mean that his feelings are not up to yours or that he does not mean well for the relationship. So you have no reason to be worried, distressed or get apprehensive by the fact that he is in no hurry.  You have no reason also to want to rush things, without respecting his pace – so long he is mean, genuine and serious with the relationship and respects the commitment you guys have in common.

We all knew or must have seen smart female folks who had “obtained” a marriage proposal by emotional blackmail, or who thought they could hold back an undecided man with a surprise baby, and who were all left by a man whose feelings had been stifled by the impression of having been “trapped”. Thus, there is no point in pressing a man who needs time. Again, believe it on your word, you’ll win him over time with your committed patience.

Two things may be deeply involved here:

  • If he is not ready because it will never be (deeply phobic engagement or not enough love), or he only wants to use delay tactic and buy more time with you, disengage and move on. Avoid engaging with a man who does not keep his promises and who does not honour his own words.


  • If he is not ready because he only needs time to feel confident about his choices, put things in other, give the relationship more meaningful definition and better future and come serenely to the higher stages, let him take his time to stage and play down his plans properly. A man hates being forced or manipulated, even to go where his happiness is. Do not worry, when he is ready, it will be for good.


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