That Other Side of Love – Fun and Funky

That Other Side of Love – Fun and Funky
That Other Side of Love – Fun and Funky

It’s not rare for someone to begin to nurse those feelings for wanting someone to love them. This is what will motivate them to look for another person to be with, believing that everything will be fine after they have found someone like this.

At an emotional level, they are likely to feel empty, and so I would not be unusual to expect that they will come to the conclusion that they are missing something. Their missing piece, however, would be out there somewhere, in someone else, and the sooner this piece is found the better.

This is how so many people fashion their relationship lifestyle and which makes it difficult for them to enjoy their own company. They might even look back on their life and see that they have been this way for as long as they can remember.

So, once they are with someone, they are likely to go from one extreme to the other. When they were single, it could have been as if they were living in a desert, wasting away; but now they are with someone, they could feel whole and complete, and as though every need has been met. This has become a norm and doctrine for many.

However, while they will feel this way in the beginning, this is unlikely to be an inner experience that lasts for very long. Part of them is likely to fear that the other person will leave them.

And, if they pay too much attention to this fear, they could end up pushing their partner away, thereby bringing into reality the very thing that they fear the most. But, even if this doesn’t happen, there is likely to come a time when they feel as though they are not receiving enough attention, care, and that romance which builds hedge around relationships to make it stronger and more meaningful.

Instead of being able to see that it is normal for a relationship to change as time goes by, they can have the need to receive the same amount of attention as they did in the beginning. This attention will have helped to keep their inner emptiness at bay. What they might really do is change their appearance in some way in order to try to get their partner to act like they did before, or they could even look for someone else to be with. The last thing they will want is to be on their own if the relationship comes to an end.

The truth, here, is the love they are looking for is within them but the only reason they are unable to realize this is due to inner grief that they are carrying. This is also what is stopping them from feeling whole and complete.

Their own heart is full of love – so much love in fact, that the love they receive from others will never match up to the love they will receive from their own heart. What is within them is the real deal; everything outside of them will pale in comparison. To be more accurate, their heart will need to be open for them to be able to receive love from others. Thus, they are wasting their time looking for love when they are unable to embrace the love that is within them.

If they were to go back in time, they may find that what took place during their early years caused them to experience a lot of pain. Along with this, there may also be the trauma that was passed down from their accumulated pain and agonies from past heartbreaks, and other relationship ill experience.

What is stopping them from being able to connect to the love that is within them will need to be brought out to the surface and acknowledged. This is something that can take place only at that point you come to realize the power of self love and inner actualization of self worth. No one can really love you more than you love yourself. Crush on yourself every now and then. Always make out time to stare at yourself in the mirror in candid admiration and self love.  Tell yourself some positive, inspiring and motivating words and live to see yourself happier and better loved.



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