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Place of Sex and Seduction in Spicing up Committed Relationships


So many of the couples in present day relationships desire a passionate marriage or relationship but thought they had to settle for a sexless marriage or a relationship with little emotional intimacy but one outstanding fact one has to know is that no matter what stage your relationship is in -whether you are dating, preparing for marriage or have been together for donkey years – sex, passion and intimacy are integral parts of a vibrant and fulfilling union

The sad reality, here, are that too many couples start to neglect this vital part of their marriage or relationship at some point. They wrongly assume that love will carry their relationship along and that passion and intense sexual desire will happen naturally or by chance/accident; but the truth is that passion and intimacy are expressions of your love and can make you and your partner feel closer, but, like any other thing in life, passion and intimacy require effort- not just efforts, concerted effort.

As a marriage or relationship matures, passion, sexual desire and emotional intimacy often do wane—but these vital aspects of our relationships do not have to be totally neglected. With proper care and attention, couples can create satisfying sex lives and a deep emotional connection, no matter how long they have been together or the distance that may be keeping them apart.

In life lessons about sex, passion and intimacy, you will learn about the dramatic impact that stress can have on passion and intimacy, and you will also discover easy-to-implement strategies to protect this vital part of your union from the stress in your life, only if you make each step you take and each stage you pass a learning point.

Over the years, psychologists and marriage therapists and counselors, who have rehabilitated many couples wanting to build a stronger, more vibrant marriage or relationship have seen and reported first-hand the emotional pain a sexless marriage and a passionless relationship can cause a couple more especially feelings of isolation, feeling undesirable, behaving more like roommates than lovers.

There, also, have been stories of couples who successfully moved a relationship that has been in a long-standing passion-deficit point to one that is alive with sensuality, passion and intimacy. These couples went from experiencing what appeared to be a “platonic love” to enjoying a “passionate love.”

Nothing could be more rewarding than knowing what you want and passionately reaching out for it. Couples must learn to become attuned to your different physical and emotional needs and do so in such a way that each partner will understand what the other is asking of him/her. Learn to help build a rewarding sex life so as to deepen emotional intimacy.

NB: Touch is an effective form of communication most couples do not have knowledge about and that can become a powerful addition to your passion and sensuality. The savoring sensations of touch have this magic wand capable of deepening physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy amongst couples.



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