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Place of RESPECT AND LOVE in Relationships – Their Consequences and Rewards.


Value placement when it comes to Love and Respect in mutual and romantic relationships between two opposite sexes is keen in dividing the lines along which they would know what belong to each person and give it willingly and accordingly without much pressure or undue influence. Several testimonies from troubled couples indicate that misplacement of these values (love and respect) has caused relationships more harm than good and played several roles in most problems faced at homes and among several relationships.

Happiness is key
Happiness is key

There is this fundamental rule which dates back to creation which says: Man, love your wife; woman, respect your husband… and so it shall stand. There is nothing more a man demands from a woman if not her uncircumstantial respect, reverence and regard. In like manner does a man owe his woman uncircumstantial love. The highest point of insecurity a man can feel where his woman is, is her rude disrespect for him. Also to a woman when she feels not loved or less loved. Whenever these two are balanced, a relationship is bound to last irrespective of all odds it may face.

Disrespected means Insecurity to man
Disrespected means Insecurity to man

The moment a woman begins to see the man as being too small to be her shelter, or throw untamed words at him anyhow without recourse to his feelings and/or headship, there is bound to be a crackdown in that relationship at any moment. But once there is good compliance from the woman, the man willingly gives loves unconditionally and yields to anything she may demand of him. A woman that respects her husband/boyfriend to the later gets whatsoever thing she may ever demand from him and vice versa. In most cases the man might even be misconceived to be hypnotized (under spell) whereas all are unconscious positive emotional outburst in response to her kind respect and reverence.

When a man loves her woman
When a man loves her woman

No amount of gift, whether tangible or intangible (even sex), would a woman ever offer to her man to replace her respect for him or to pay/makeup for her disrespect for him else she is willing to change. The highest amount of “love” a woman can show to her husband is therefore to respect and revere him and nothing else.

Respect is reciprocal
Respect is reciprocal

So also, a man is mandated to love his wife. Men are, at times, known to be forceful, over energetic, arrogant, rude, inconsiderate, harsh, intimidating etc and it is in their nature to exert those characteristics as a form or measure of security to themselves and their family but once a man is truly in love with a woman, all those attributes and vibes diminish naturally and completely in him where she is. This is why most men who are “tigers” outside are “lambs” ahome. When a woman is able to capture and make docile, her man with her respect, he will love her unconsciously and become as mild as butter and as soft as wool to her. RESPECT IS THE MOST POTENT “CHARM” THAT CAN TAME A MAN.

Man, love your wife…woman respect your husband. This is the last order.


  1. Erwin says

    It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people about this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

    1. Agenda Planet says

      Thank you Erwin. Always stick around for more.

      …best regards

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