New Concept of love, Relationship, and Marriage in the contemporary Society.

Uncertainty of intent looms the mind of any opposite sex going into a relationship until the realities of circumstances begin to creep in.

In the contemporary society, the concept of love, relationship and marriage has been deeply pejorated, compromised, misunderstood, mismanaged, misinterpreted, and malpractised over the years.

Love and lust no longer stand a clear separated ground and the consequences  of perverted attraction has continued to bedevil the original ideology of love and relationship, hence multiple cases of emotional imbalance and broken unions every here and there.

We live in a world where early teenagers, in quest to respond to some natural changes and drives (Physical and Anatomical) developing in their bodies and mind have ventured into certain critically odd things that have ended up making them fall victims of circumstances especially finding themselves in the very wrong arms and misguided minds who instead took advantage of their innocence and vulnerability, leaving them shattered and in pool of lifelong pains and regrets.

We also exist in a time where people stay in relationships (even marriage) yet they feel lonely, bored, desolate and unfulfilled.  This has, in most cases, led so many into developing strange paranormal affectionate feelings and emotional attachment to ‘third parties’ in other to get rid of the emotional mess they have found themselves in. This situation has torn some apart in-between the choices of pledging fidelity to their legitimate spouses and yet owing some ransom and desiring to satisfy and quench their ‘taste’ from the ‘stranger’. Such people at this stage become cast in a battle between fidelity and desire and between two vastly different personalities in irreconcilable lives.

Right from very young age people learn to look for love in all people, places and at all cost especially when flashes of puberty and peer pressure begins to trickle in but after years of pain, bad experience, frustration and uncertainties of relationship drama, many people give up on love. Some blame others for their loss and bad perception becomes imminent.

It is, therefore, in the face of all these mundane abnormalities casting perennial opaque shadows on the ‘most important aspect of man and woman’ (their relationship and love life) that Agenda Planet is born; to be a companion, a place of repose, a fertile ground for harvesting genuine fruits of ideas on how to find true love and live in a genuine relationship, a safe abode for intimate and compassionate heart-to-heart counseling.

Always feel very free and at ease to bring forth and share your mind-bugging worries about the relationship you are currently into or the fears and anxieties of the one you are still anticipating to hook-up and our 24/7 updates will always take good, confidential and germane care of it. Follow us on our social-media handles and also on our livechat forum for more intimate panacea.



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