Making a Relationship Work. Diet #1 – Keeping away Pride.

Making a Relationship Work Diet #1 – Keeping away Pride.
Making a Relationship Work Diet #1 – Keeping away Pride.

Strive to Be Happy, Not Right.

When building the foundation for a mutual union, the first idea that is supposed to occupy the foremost mind of every partner in a relationship when talking about making a relationship work should be keeping away pride and ego and all their attributes – by all means and at all cost. Most couples, these days, have wrecked their love life while trying to assert who is right or wrong which had always led to heated arguments, uncontrolled anger and use of abusive words. Once the mind of either or both of the partners in the relationship is bloated with pride and self ego, accepting fault always become difficult, hence most relationships are hitting rock.  Here is a question for you, “Would you rather be right, or happy?” Most people in the course of fighting for right in their relationship ended up losing their happiness. Too often our pride and egos can keep us from enjoying intimate relationships. We stew over what we think are injustices, but are perhaps only misunderstandings. We carry grudges and do not show enough grace, passion or forgiveness to the person we care most about. Our need to be right can overshadow our need to receive, and give, love.

Take a look at what your pride is costing you. If intimacy is strained and the relationship is off track you may want to reconsider the value of your anger or self righteousness. Here’s the thing: You may be right in the argument although your partner thinks otherwise, but you will never be wrong when you put your partner first. Happiness always feels better than vindication.

Keep aside your status.

Most relationships are in shambles because of the way the partners try to lure either or one another into respecting them for whom and what they are instead of for the love and regard they have for them. Educational status, whatsoever qualification; social status, whatsoever class; financial/economic status, whatsoever category; work status, whatsoever grade;  et cetera and the ego that goes with it, is supposed to be kept completely out of the journey of any relationship that will work. The very moment one begins to feel emotional compulsion to give out respect involuntarily, deviance becomes inevitable.

The rhythm of working relationship is supposed to be played on the tune of levelheadedness, simplicity, and unity of purpose.  Always remember to drop off all fragments and attachments of your personality completely whenever you are with your partner and play down as simple and down-to-earth as you can. Every human being loves persons of low-shoulder personality as partner. It closes the gap of complexities of always working extra miles trying to predict your partner, read his/her mind and please him/her.

When pride and ego is kept out of relationships, more positive results will be derived. Also, when  being happy is given utmost precedence above picking who is right or wrong, less heated arguments will trail relationships and more peace of mind will propagate.



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