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Love Nuggets for the Day – #74…of the Mystic waltz


…of the Mystic waltz 

To my beloved friend, Abel. 

In the evening, when the first star appears, 
The hearts of all those who have died of love
Come to the earth and split the veil
That hides them from the eyes of the living, by day.
Then, in the dark and fantastic night,
Their bruised blood rains and falls in tears
On the grass, disturbing the melancholy
Song of sobs of the wind in the flowers.

And the hearts in pain, and the poor hearts 
dance in the air the mystic waltz! …

They all come running! … the heart of the poet 
And his lover with languid eyes,
The heart of the ephebe with the blond head,
The tortured heart of the old lovers,
The heart of the loving and modest virgin,
The heart of the woman with deceitful kisses,
They all come running! … taken from a nostalgic
Need to review the pain val.

And hearts in pain, and poor hearts 
dance in the air the mystic waltz! …

They turn drowned in waves of ecstasy, 
Among heavy and heady perfumes
While the moon with a topaz forehead
Sparkles at the bottom of the cloudy sky;
And their black and magnetic whirlwind
Pursuit its path, sowing gleams of
molten gold in the splendid
Splendor of space with pale waves.

And the hearts in pain, and the poor hearts 
dance in the air the mystic waltz! …

But as soon as a clear ray of dawn breaks through 
And a bird’s song sounds in the valley,
Their light swarm in the distance flies away
And nothing! … then, plaintive, they go away,
To return, to pass under the great portico
Diaphanous azure entwined with
opal flowers where the calm and peaceful God
Dumb, one by one, the flock of hearts.

And the next day, all the poor hearts come back to 
dance the mystic waltz.

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