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Love Nuggets for the Day – #69… Here is my compliment


Here is my compliment

In this happy new era
The prescribed use to make a gift.
One gives a flower quickly faded,
The other a forgotten memory soon.

Me, if from my heart followed the prayer, 
Beads at your feet would come to bring,
But the purse, alas! is the counselor
That before our heart we must listen.

I see everywhere on your shelves 
Happy memories, cute and pretty,
The flock of light things,
Small jewels and large bouquets.

Now, my purse is empty and my heart sighs: 
If even a bouquet wanted to give you,
Would be so puny that it would make you laugh
And that could not forgive me.

Can not offer you these flowers that shine, 
Jasmine, rose or lily, beautiful lady, but
In my garden sing and sparkle
Flowerings of the heart, quatrains and couplets.

This I picked, it’s very little. 
Seeking more before other would find
Maybe, my God? Weary, sweetheart? I do not dare
That I would gladly offer you.

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