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Love Nuggets for the Day – #68… Fifteen years ago we think we agree


Fifteen years ago we think we agree 

It is fifteen years since we have agreed; 
May our clear and beautiful ardor overcome the habit,
Shrivel to heavy voice, whose slow, rough hands
wear out the most tenacious and strongest love.

I look at you, and every day I discover you, 
So much is intimate or your sweetness or your pride:
Time, certainly, obscures the eyes of your beauty,
But exalts your heart whose golden bottom opens.

You let yourself naively deepen, 
And your soul always seems fresh and new;
The masts clear, like an ardent caravel,
Our happiness travels the seas of our desires.

It is in us alone that we anchor our belief, to 
bare openness and simple kindness;
We act and we live in the clarity
of a joyful and translucent confidence.

Your strength is to be frail and infinitely pure; 
To cross, heart on fire, all dark ways,
And to have preserved, in spite of the mist or the shadow,
All the rays of dawn in your child’s soul.

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