Love Nuggets for the Day – #66…The winter that I dread

Love Nuggets for the Day - #66…The winter that I dread
Love Nuggets for the Day - #66…The winter that I dread

The winter that I dread


I do not fear this coming winter,

nor the gel that hardens the earth and freezes the water

while the cold creeps you in the bones;

nor the snow covering its mellow silence

the deserted countryside and the roofs of the hamlets.         


The winter that I dread is that of absence,

this emptiness around me when you’re not there

when the wolves of desire scratch the mattress,

that I know you too cursing the distance

which keeps you too far from the circle of my arms. 


I love you, love you, love you to always say it again,

you love me, love me, yes, never to doubt;

at least will we have known and will we have tasted

the fairy fruits that this double delirium

carried in our hearts at their maturity. 


I would like to embrace you as does ivy,

cover with my kisses your tender body offered,

to enter your flesh like in the sea fjord,

hear your surf calling Pierre

and modulate after your name in the open sky …


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