Love Nuggets for the Day – #51…the Stellar Passion

Love Nuggets for the Day - #51…the Stellar Passion
Love Nuggets for the Day - #51…the Stellar Passion

The Stellar Passion

My adorable princess in the night
I searched the book of the cosmos for you
And there you were, my brightest star
A detailed flame of purest joy
That coalesced the heavens in extreme awe
The world, you have at your fingertips
And all the worlds and stars beyond
Tell me what you know of them
Do they shine from your essence
Or glow from the sight of your dramatic beauty
Do they travel the universe to be in unity with you
Do they wait for their cataclysmic, fateful end
So that the shattering pieces that remain of them
May somehow find their way to the cradle of you
How I wonder what miraculous wonders you be store
How you make me weak in the knees to gaze at you
Hanging high up there in the blissful night sky
How do you think the stars befell enviously
They all want to radiate the systems of galaxies
But you will be the one to teach them the way
As they will follow in your lead to perfection
It’s when I come out late at night, and I feel all alone
I know you are there, weightless over me
I know because my shortness of breath tells me
As my heart pounds rapid in my chest
And once again, you seduce me into a supernova
Stellar blaze of glory, astral, luminescent sphere of light
From there to here is where you take me
As you have brightened all my ways of life

– Trent Collins –


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