Know the Method Your Partner Applies In Cheating On You

Know the Method Your Partner Applies In Cheating On You
Know the Method Your Partner Applies In Cheating On You

Cheating; even the name sounds bad and awkward.  Cheating, over the years has been a cankerworm eating deep into relationships and even breaking so many homes asunder. One awful thing is that a habitual cheater will always cheat. Most people out of absolute trust for their partners have been stabbed at the back due to their ease of placing confidence. Some people are however very smart as to conceal all their steps whether in a near or distant relationship. Knowing these their tricks would be of great help.

The Background of Cheating

As long as there have been social structures, there have been cheaters…Period!!! People who wanted to work around those structures and social rules ended up creating ways to cheat to attain their goals…and nothing has changed over the years.

Cheaters have simply become more sophisticated as cheaters. Think about it. In times gone by, if a man wanted to cheat on his wife, he had a much more difficult time doing so: no cars to smooch in, no texting, no efficient e-mail or other ways to communicate electronically, and all that. Nowadays, cheating in many ways is much, much easier

Methods for cheating have become more advanced, and the passage of time has not changed the human instinct and temptation for some people to cheat. Our highly technological era has merely refined cheating methods as cheaters have become more and more inventive and technologically savvy.

Recall the Shakespearian quote that “That which we call a rose / by any other name would still smell as sweet.” It simply means that when it comes to cheating, that whatever you call a cheater; he or she is still a cheater.

Look at all the names we have for cheater: adulterer, mistress, lover boy/girl, two-timer, paramour, philanderer, womanizer, unfaithful spouse (or boyfriend or girlfriend), husband/wife snatcher, side chick, A-bit-on-the-side, and so on.

What it comes down to is this:  one member of a relationship is not being faithful to the other member.  Usually, one partner does not know about the other partner’s infidelity. This can be a one-time event or one partner may be a habitual cheater

How to Know and Identify Potential Cheaters.

Do you think there is a certain type of person who is prone to cheating? Yes!!! Most professionals believe there are different personality types that tend to be cheaters.  The following six personality traits are believed to increase someone’s chances of cheating. They include:

  • Narcissism —feeling self-entitled and putting yourself first.
  • Lacking Empathy — not being able to understand or share the feelings of another.
  • Grandiosity — an unrealistic sense of superiority and sustained view that you are better than others, especially when it comes to sexual prowess.
  • Being Impulsive — making decisions with big consequences very suddenly.
  • Thrill Seeker – Being a novelty or thrill seeker.
  • Fearing Commitment – Having an avoidant attachment style.

Of course one must ask why anybody would want to become involved with any of these personality types in the first place since they are all rather undesirable traits. The truth, however, is that Statistics and personality types are essentially meaningless when it comes down to the individual who is determined to cheat habitually.

It is beneficial to read and learn about types of cheating, but again it is an individual’s own decision as to whether he or she will be engaging in an affair. If you must trust, trust absolutely but if you must do it partially, always verify the fact before rushing into quick conclusion that may be disastrous to the entire future of the relationship.



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