Infatuation and True Love – The Difference

Infatuation and True Love – The Difference
Infatuation and True Love – The Difference

That moment in the days of love you set your eyes at the opposite sex for the first time and the feelings of all the attractions of that first sight explode out into what could ignite some kind of strange feelings inside you and arouse all your senses and entire nervous system. These feelings, in most cases could be so strong that the longing to have a “thirst” begins to take over the foremost part of the thinking at that very instant. At this point the reasoning faculty becomes beclouded with emotional dilemma that you can hardly reason out any other thing straight. Your mind will soon begin to paint so many pictures and play so many videos – modest and obscene alike – in your mind about this same person you have had a first sight at. All these would compound to develop into a strong, consuming passion, desire and drive called infatuation. The next thought that ensues beyond this is the thought: “I want this person to come into my life”. This will energize the body and soul for the “hunt” to quench the thirst.

At times, infatuation could really lead to some real love but the both can never complement each other. There are too many people who are convinced that they are in love with someone just because they are amazing and they cannot stop thinking about them, but the truth is most of the time the intensity that comes with really liking someone might not really demonstrate love. Liking someone is always different from loving someone. True love could be this strong buy takes time to develop and mature in most case scenarios. It passes through so many tests and circumstances and gives it the capability to stand the test of time and all circumstances once established.

Few differences between infatuation and true love are as follows:

  1. Infatuation swoops into your mind, beclouds your feelings and takes instant effect in other to satisfy one’s feelings but true love grows gradually and gets stronger and more meaningful.
  2. Infatuation builds on physical attraction and craves physical affection but true love craves a deeper connection.
  3. Infatuation makes you act irrationally or ‘crazy’ and is reckless with your emotion  and always results in heartbreaks whereas true love calms you down and is more considerate with your emotion and feelings irrespective of condition and circumstances.
  4. Most infatuation cases are shallow and with ulterior motives but no genuine love have.
  5. Infatuation always makes a mountain out of a mole-hill, making a big deal out of small things. Always taking advantage of other person’s weakness but true love lets go and hopes more.
  6. Infatuation is selfish, possessive and covetous and always sapping your energy but true love is generous, kind and energizing.
  7. Infatuation is delusional and cannot stand the test of time and circumstances but true love is real and everlasting.
  8. Infatuation has unrealistic expectations but true love has realistic standards and boasts in maturity.
  9. Infatuation stems on insecurity and keeps one guessing but true love builds on determination and assurance.
  10. Infatuation is never content with one person but true love is contented
  11. Infatuation thinks the partners to be perfect and always makes troubles whenever there are lapses but true love knows no one is perfect and there would always be room for improvement.
  12. Infatuation always suspects, sniffs, spies, intimidates, cheats, but true love believes, trusts, upholds, faithful and takes you for whom you are as it builds on your weakness to improve on your strength.



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