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How to Win a Man’s Heart for Life– Do’s and Don’ts.


The 40 Commandments.

I was reading a research recently and the crux is that many ladies today don’t know how to respect or love a man, especially when they are married. They carry their ego as girlfriend into marriage.

Many marriages break down these days because our generation of women has become weak and less concerned and totally complacent over so many things. They no longer pamper their man as necessary thereby allowing them to run wild.

To bring your man home to yourself and to lengthen his years on earth too, observe the following:

  1. Delete from your head the ideology that “all men are the same”. Make sure you drop all filthy baggage from previous relationships and see your man for whom he is; not as what you think and assume him to be. They hate assuming and taking them for whom they are really not as against their real personality
  2. For him to have accepted you the way you are does not imply you are perfect in all your ways. Never sit on your oars and cease further efforts to improve yourself especially if your man is the dynamic type. Be open to corrections and flexible to adjustments.
  3. Never argue or shout at him especially in the public. This does not mean your opinion should not be aired. But apply wisdom and modesty in doing that.
  4. Always praise him when he is at his best and quietly admonish him when he goes the other way round.
  5. Do not refer back to his past faults, mistakes and failures when agitated. However, give him a little space whenever he needs and demands it.
  6. Maintain excellent hygiene, attractiveness, good fashion and carriage at all times
  7. Respect the people he respects; even if you would have to be pretentious about it, do.
  8. Focus on fulfilling your obligations, not demanding your rights at all times.
  9. Never keep anger against him longer than necessary. Even if he left for the business of the day angry, race to the door when he comes home, as if you have been missing him and waiting for him. Hug him with a smile.
  10. Compliment him on the things you know he’s not so confident about (looks, intelligence, etc.) This will build his self-esteem and confidence.
  11. Behave like a true female, i.e. depicting and exhibiting all the tenderness of a female. A man doesn’t want a “man” as wife. A perfect wife is one who doesn’t expect a perfect husband. How you handle your man’s shortcomings reveal more about your own character than your man.
  12. Don’t lay out all your problems on your husband as soon as he walks in. Give him a little mental break or you will unconsciously send him to a beer place.
  13. Never talk about your spousal problems to anyone you meet, not even under the pretense of seeking help. If you think you want to solve legitimate relationship issues, do it yourself and don’t run to a third party unless it is a life threatening issue. Mediate any injustice done; Talk it over after he calms down. Allow him whenever he is angry. Do not talk back harshly so any wrong can be corrected and the two of you can reunite in harmony. Don’t ever talk bad about him with friends or family unnecessarily because even if they end up agreeing with you, you will see that it hits you back in the face because you get more depressed at the negative impression that you have a bad husband–and other people also think you have a bad husband.
  14. Do not nag. Respect him. Even if you are the one feeding him, still reverence his headship and don’t pressurize him, with your harsh words and strange attitudes, to succumb to conditional humility. Make his happiness your utmost priority.
  15. Give him a simple task to do at home and then thank him when he does it. This will encourage him to do more.
  16. When he’s talking about something boring, listen. Even ask questions to make it seem like you’re interested. Cherish those things he has penchant for especially football or other sports even if they are least of your interests.
  17. If he’s angry with you and starts yelling, let him yell it out while you’re quiet. You will see your fight will end a lot faster. Then when he’s calm, you can tell him your side of the story and how you want him to change something.
  18. When you’re mad at him, don’t say “you make me furious”, rather, “This action makes me upset”. Direct your anger to the action and circumstance rather than at him.
  19. Remember that your man has feelings too, so take them into consideration.
  20. Let him chill with his friends without guilt, especially if they’re good guys. Encourage him to go out, so he doesn’t feel “scooped up” at home.
  21. If your man is annoyed over a little thing you do (and you can control it), then stop doing it.
  22. Learn how to tell him what you expect without him having to guess all the time. Learn to communicate your feelings.
  23. Don’t get mad over small things. It’s not worth it.
  24. Make jokes. If you’re not naturally funny, go on the internet and read some jokes, and then tell them to him.
  25. Always find time to play with him and refresh those days of early dating in mind.
  26. Learn to surprise him with his favorite dish. Always make sure issues about his stomach are given priority.
  27. Always feel free and honestly express to him how much you Love and cherish him.
  28. Do not leave the house without his knowledge and always give as clear explanation as possible when demanded.
  29. Don’t discuss important/controversial matters with him when he is tired or sleepy. Find right time for right discussion.
  30. Surprise him with gifts.
  31. Always be as economical as possible. Even if he has it all, help his manage his wealth not being a conduit for wasting it.
  32. Look attractive and be seductive towards him. Flirt with him. Always act to seduce him so as to keep his mind ahome.
  33. For married couples, Learn tricks and “techniques” to please your husband in intimacy. Take your sex life so serious and let it rank second to none – but God, in your relationship. If you do not take time to develop prowess when it comes to sex tactics with which to steadily seduce and tie your husband in between your thighs, someone else will do it for you out side. Always bury his manhood inside of you at least once a day – may be not necessarily for sex- and he will be too committed and buried to cheat. Also, never refuse him any sex position he wants. (Of course goes both ways.)
  34. Always plan and execute a treat exclusively with him.
  35. Don’t EVER compare your man to other man, especially with those that are better off than he is.
  36. Be happy with what you have because no one is perfect.
  37. Men are big babies, make him feel loved. Mother him and make sure you breast feed him as often as you can. (Exclusively for married couples).
  38. Never act as if you are trying to control him or dictate for him, whether in the private or public and whether he earns more than you or you earn more than him. Apply wisdom and subtlety. Always make him feel incharge and enjoy that headship.
  39. Never do anything that would break his trust and confidence in you. It takes a lifetime to build trust, integrity and confidence but just a moment to damage it.
  40. Always pray and make sacrifices for him.
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