How to Succeed in a Distant Relationship -The 3 Keys

How to Succeed in a Distant Relationship -The 3 Keys
How to Succeed in a Distant Relationship -The 3 Keys

I realize it every day that; more and more partners live distant from each other and are therefore in a relationship at a distance. For professional reasons, school, or because you used a dating site or app, you are far from your partner and seeing it every day would be your biggest dream. Women wonder how to keep a man at bay and for the male the question and rather how to ensure that his girlfriend always keeps the flame. I recently coached a man who lives in London but whose girlfriend is in Marseille and it is true that the life of a couple is not always easy when several hours or Kilometers separate you from the one you love.

When one is in remote couple the biggest difficulty consists in managing the small disputes that the removal prevents to settle in a few moments, as in a “normal” couple.

Indeed, the many kilometers that separate the couple do not facilitate conflict resolution but you are here to find the answers to your questions and I will help you achieve it. Since many couples live in a relationship at a distance, you want to forget the problems caused by distance like jealousy, arguments, ultimatums “You come back, or it’s over”, distrust and suspicions etc “. If you need more specific advice because your situation is specific, I will accompany you with pleasure during a coaching session.

Always keep your trust intact despite the distance.

Yes, remote relationships are specific and need to adapt. This is a clear statement and you must be aware of it to move forward and find a form of serenity. On the other hand, you do not need to panic and ask yourself dozens of questions. You will have to have faith in your story if you want it to really have a survival chance.

First of all, before putting in place actions that will allow you to save the couple and not experience a break because of the distance it is important that you have confidence in yourself and in your story. If you are not really happy, if you do not sincerely wish to continue living this relationship at a distance, a decision will have to be made sooner or later. It is clear that it may seem difficult but in love, you have to know how to make choices even if they are painful.

For this you have to ask the right questions at the right time because the timing is also important. Do you really want to be in a relationship with him / her? If so, you must continue your efforts because the feelings are always strong despite the distance. But we must also have a goal that is to live together eventually; otherwise it will be difficult for one or the other to project into the relationship. Otherwise, the actions will be a waste of time but also money. Remote dating relationships therefore require having a common project at a given moment.

To find out if you really want to continue living in a long-distance relationship, you need to ask yourself the following question. “Am I willing to make sacrifices for him / her? or does my future have to be with him / her? And “Do we have a chance to live one day together?” You can use the distance to really take stock and ask yourself these questions. Do not rush but take the time to weigh the pros and cons.

I am aware that this is not a simple situation to live but it concerns thousands of you and I had to make this piece in other to advice and to help you better manage the distance of the person that we love. Doubts, jealousy, questioning, you sometimes have a hard time feeling totally uncomfortable in your relationship and that’s perfectly normal, you want a story in which you can sleep with him / her, spend time together. So there is a certain frustration but I’m going to explain to you in this piece how to know happiness even in a relationship with a couple who is so far away.

Always Express Your Love

Despite the distance, nothing prevents you from expressing your love, and at a regular interval whether through words or in your way of behaving or communicating. Also through non-verbal elements such as, animations, videos, pictures, painting, or such gestures that you will have when you find yourself like small gifts, small attentions etc when you spend time together.

Nowadays, we are lucky to have access to an exceptional tool: internet. Indeed, you can communicate at any time and even “see” yourselves through screens. So you can mitigate the distance through social networks like Facebook, but also through applications like Skype or Whatsapp. This can bring you closer because you no longer have to talk to you once or twice a week as was the case before unlimited phone plans. Unless your partner is in the depths of the Amazonian jungle, he / she have access to the internet.

Know that distance does not interfere with feelings, but on the contrary, when love is sincere and true, it can strengthen your relationship. It is therefore perfectly possible to succeed in a remote relationship provided you invest bountifully in each other on those things that will strengthen you more.

Do not neglect your partner for days or weeks else doubts will quickly settle in and prevent you from having fun and happiness. It is therefore important to remember not to relax if you really care about this story.

Always communicate what’s bothering you!

You thought it was important to avoid angry subjects? It’s totally wrong! Even in a couple at a distance, certain tensions are essential to get things done in the right direction, so do not hesitate to communicate about what is bothering you. On the other hand communication or rather the way of communicating is essential. You should not create crises in the couple for no reason and you will have to watch how you are going to talk to your other half.

The second important point is that despite the distance, if something bothers you, you must initiate the dialogue immediately, without going to conflict. You can tell everything rather than shut yourself in or fear the reaction of your other half.

I know that this is one of the main concerns of men and women who live this kind of relationship in which physical proximity is not appropriate, it is not because we do not see each other every day that misunderstandings cannot take place. However, your couple is no different from others and my advice, about it, will be the same. It is necessary to exchange, to dialogue and to try to understand the expectations and the needs of the one who shares your life. This is to put an end to arguments or anything that prevents you from flourishing in your relationship. Of course, you must not get angry but simply express yourself clearly. Despite the distance, communication remains the fundamental basis of all romantic relationships.

Make a reunion a magic moment!

In remote relationships reunions are extremely important. You must transform them into exceptional or even magical moments. It is ideal to avoid getting bogged down in a difficult distance relationship.

This is what you have been waiting for for months, so it is important to make a difference by living an exceptional moment. Obviously, when you come to see you every weekend, it is not necessarily necessary to get the moon every time but when your separations are longer, you see yourself only every 2 or 3 months for example. Do not let them take you to “the routine”. It’s the right time to organize something different to surprise your other half.

Seeing you again is a special moment because intense emotions will definitely arouse. It is not easy to succeed in a remote relationship so show that you are involved. Take advantage of these periods when you are together because then you may end up several hundred miles away for a while.

It is important not to stuff your head with negative thoughts and to anticipate the departure of your man or your wife in the coming days, but on the contrary, take advantage of these two moments to be able to take some pleasure.




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