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How to Seduce That Man You Like


As a woman, ask yourself what you will do if you find yourself in a situation whereby those “who liked you” never took the first step. Also, what would you do if someone you so much like and admire with passion is about walking away without saying a single word, even of admiration.

This is a contemporary reality, because I meet more and more women who want to open up to the game of seduction and no longer leave their emotional destiny in the hands of other people.

Try to be in-charge
Try to be in-charge

Do you, too, want to take control of the first approach? Do you want to put all the chances on your side?

There are tools to help you open up to a natural seduction process where you can still be the first prize. During this tour, I will show you how you could improve your seduction potential without changing your personality so you would stay the same, but better!

The charm to seduce a man

To open to seduction, it is necessary that you manage to work on your “charm”. It may be a little difficult to define my concept of “charm” but it simply means your tool of attraction; be it sharp make-over, cute smile, brilliant intonation, nice hairdo, sociability and mixability, etc . It’s the charm that makes you attractive, which helps you to attract attention and make a good impression. Wise women use this “charm” to attract the man they like and use their attitude to retain him, even to the point of becoming a life partner. 90% of guys cannot resist any good combination of the above “charms” let alone one that possesses all.

To develop this charm, however, it is necessary to gain self-confidence. This is the main propeller engine because this is how you can stand up, be smiling, speak with a seductive voice/tone and have confidence in your seductive potential.

A man will have no trouble figuring out if you are aware of your strengths and your potential and that’s what he will really like.

The charm to seduce a man
The charm to seduce a man

If you think you are lacking in charm, you must first work on reflecting your personal image and personality. This is the time to invest in yourself and do everything to find you more attractive in the mirror, to develop your way of communicating, to adopt a joy of life in everyday life and to open yourself to socialization.

The attitude to be noticed positively

The first tactic to apply is called “Body Language” and what I named “Indirect Seduction”. When you face a man who pleases you or just spot it out of the corner of your eye for an evening, you’ll have to adopt a seductive attitude by using two well-known seductive tricks to perfection: your gaze and your smile. One does not go without the other!

A simple “eye contact” with a nice, discreet smile can divide the heart of a man a make him want to approach and say “Hi”. But the case here is that most women are shy about this particular kind of approach whereas some deem it morally degrading but the truth is that you might be physically attracted to a guy who is as shy as you; and may not summon that courage to step up to you and make his mind known. However, there are some “inviting” attitudes and body language you will display to beef him up with the right charisma to come forward. Keeping quiet may make the two of you depart in silence and may never meet again.

Flirting to make him crazy about you

Flirting to make him crazy about you
Flirting to make him crazy about you

It seems to me essential to mention the notion of “flirt” because most people already misconstrue “flirting” as promiscuity but it is far from that. Flirting as used here simply meant flaunting your socialization potentials to attract someone you like.

It is an excellent tool to get to know a person by combining both humor and dramatization and being able to create a dialogue with a man you’ve just met.

The main objective is to be able to “tickle” the man and leave him with a long lasting impression and memory about you and which will always make him come back looking for you even after a breakup.

First thing to ask you is: why would the first appointment be solely on the initiative of the man? It is necessary to evolve these classics which in fact have become obsolete. From the first appointments you must show him who you are and also showcase activities that will really please him and make him wish to know you more.

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