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How to Know Your Man or Woman Truly Loves You


Love has always existed at the epicenter of most of the world’s oldest sang poems and it depicts several meanings and classification in several cultures and traditions across the globe. Most people show and demonstrate their love according to their perception, orientation, or even tradition but logically placed, there are ideal ways you will practically demonstrate your love and it will become glaring even to the blind. These may include the following:

  • The Level of Attention They Give You: The amount of value placed over anything or any person is majorly measured by the level of attention given to it. Once you are truly in love with someone, you can hardly pass a moment without making out time to check on the him/her. This can also be personified by always being there for the person, showing empathy in critical times, standing in for the person at all times and circumstances and so on.
  • The Position they Occupy in your Priority List: Whenever someone enjoys/becomes a priority personnel, there is this level of precedence they enjoy over others. The level of attention given to them are always special. the time also shared with you, the manner in which they treat and attend to your talks, chats, calls, e-mails, faxes etc are always different. You are always handled with care and caution but whenever you are not the priority, the reverse becomes the case.
  • Their Risk and Sacrifice Appetite about You : Anybody that cannot take risk and make sacrifices for you, in no way, loves you. The extent of love placed over anything or anybody can only be practically demonstrated based on the level of risk you can take on the person and the extent to which you can sacrifice for them in times if dare need. Their ability to speak up for you when you are speechless and dumbfounded, ability to stand in for you when you are helpless, ability to fight for you when you are in trouble, ability to jump into your stead in times of danger, ability to own up to your faults even when you are guilty, fearlessness and brevity to challenge the populace just to prove your innocence, above all, ability to succumb and own up to apologize to you even when he/she is innocent all in effort to win your love/heart, make you happy and strengthen the relationship. This is what is takes to show practical love.
  • Their Degree of Concern When you are Offtrack:  The day your man/woman stops getting pissed off at your ill attitudes and stops getting angry and flaring up at your bad manners, know you are gradually losing him/her or you have lost him/her completely. People who truly love you and want you better will always put efforts to make sure you evolve into a better you and will also get annoyed and furious when they see that concerted efforts are not yielding desired positive results; that in the future, you will always have good trends to remember them for. However, those that come to exploit you are only concerned at what they came for and once they get it, they will flee. People that try to get deeply involved in your affairs and follow it up to the latter are the real friends worth keeping.
  • The Level of inputs He/She Invests in You:  When a man truly loves a woman, his priority becomes to take her up from one stage/level to another; likewise the woman. Once the mind is set to this goal, every aspect of the faculties of the person begins to work to achieve this and he/she can go to any length to achieve this. Be it known to  everyone, today, that there is this natural laxity that comes with affection. Whenever you are with someone you truly love, you can seldom do any other thing and it takes extra energy and self discipline to spur oneself into action at such times. Anyone who came into your life just to exploit you will never do or think of anything that will add value to you but those who have come to stay will always invest their time, energy and resources generously and without reluctance to see you graduate from strength to strength and from one step on the ladder of life to another.

All these, put together, are the different levels of inputs and commitments one can really invest in other to demonstrate true love.

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    Words are just words. There s more to the story, which is why it s important to know how guys behave and what they do when they truly love a woman.

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