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How to Be and Remain Relevant In Your Relationship for a Lifetime


In other for you to be and remain relevant and indispensable in your relationship, you must have to take is as a sole responsibility and routine job. Try to make things working even when they seem not to. Try always to make your spouse have no other option than to keep with you, not necessarily because there are no other rivals but because you are unique. Always work to make him/her keep coming back. For you to achieve this fit, you need to apply the following:

  1. Be Creative and Innovative

  2. Be Flexible

  3. Be Genuinely Good and Consistent.

Being Creative and Innovative.

Someone that is creative and innovative never gets out of fashion, come what may. They always create new things that will keep your mind in awe and always get you on your heels trying to meet up with their pace in life. They are never stagnant…always dynamic and breaking new boundaries and barriers. They will always give you good reasons to continue pressing further in quest for more. In shut, they will make you like the proverbial Oliver Twist. Their days are never dull…never; neither is the moments you spend with them ever choking. They are always energetic, refreshing and renewed. Creative and innovative people always have ideas to bring to the table and great advises to render at any point in time. They make wonderful partners with their spouses in all spheres. They are the ideal people for both the home and the larger society. These kinds of people create life wires that tie and attach you perpetually to themselves and will make you addicted to them at all times. You will involuntarily and unconsciously remain attached…never wanting to quit.

Being Creative and Innovative
Being Creative and Innovative

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Being Flexible.

Flexibility, here means someone always having the ability and quest to learn and try new things…always wanting adventures. Some people have become so ancient and orthodox that trying new things apart from that which they already know and practice is always a difficult task. Such people will never see things from any other dimension and will even try to pull you back. But the flexible types are goal getters. They are even the ones that drag you to your dreamland and would become uncomfortable and restless when you begin to slack. There is this regular saying making round which says “Take me the way I am or leave me for someone else that will appreciate it”. This ideology is completely anti flexibility. No one is an island of knowledge and no one knows it all ab initio. If you are not willing to change certain areas to fit in properly into the relationship, you may always remain the proverbial square peg in a round hole. It does not mean you should change your personality but asking you to make adjustments.


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Being Genuinely Good and Consistent.

Being Good and consistent in it
Being Good and consistent in it

This is the root of it all. When someone is genuinely good and consistent in doing well, even the “devil” will be addicted to such person and with good intention. It is not magical but works like magic. People like that have this kind of positive aura they radiate that attract and retain people to and with them. They are always the best kind of people to stay with.

When you configure yourself to these three attitudes and, not only practice them, but make them your habit and lifestyle, will you automatically become a vacuum and an indispensable element in the life of anyone you are with.

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