How Insurance Conscious Are You This Festive Period

How Insurance Conscious Are You This Festive Period
How Insurance Conscious Are You This Festive Period

Festivities are closing in on us. Which means the air will be filled with the fragrance of scented candles, homes lit by diyas and malls filled with families. It’s this time of the year when families go out and shop for festive goodies and chances are, you yourself would be busy planning and making a few phone calls for the festive occasion.

But here’s the in-thing.  Just take a minute out of your busy schedule and ask yourself, are you ready against any mishaps?

It may sound a little morbid, but nonetheless, it is an important question you should be asking yourself, as nothing, physical is so certain. It has been rampart hearing people make comments like: “God is my protector; I don’t need any other form of insurance”, “my life is insured in God”, and so on. One sure thing is that uncertainty is like a cloud that’s always flying over anybody’s head and strikes when you least expect it to and which is why it’s crucial that you secure your happiness from any accidents.

Some of you who are sceptical by nature might question as to what could possibly go wrong during festivities. We admit, it’s rare but it can happen with anyone, so here are a few examples.

All auspicious functions, religious or social are conducted with the lighting of the diya or jot in most parts of the world, blowing and firing of all different kinds and categories of fireworks also dominate in certain other parts, etc. Now imagine this, what if a curtain close to your diya gets lit by fire, or what if you miss out one of the items from your shopping list, you drive and come back to see your house on fire? Shocking right? What if your firework activity gets weird and lit the leaking gas cylinder or reserve gasoline kept at one corner of the building and end up setting the whole place ablaze? What if in a situation whereby a firecracker or a damaged rocket comes flying down and slips under your brand new car and explodes. We also could be conversant with the several kinds of accidents witnessed on daily basis ranging from simple domestic accident to plane crashes and the likes abound in our transport systems. Also think of the scenarios whereby simple electrical fault had set a mall, restaurant, gas plant, office, shop, or even a whole industry ablaze while it was temporarily shut down for holiday.  Saddening right? Whether it is misfortune, sloppiness or somebody else’s fault, the point is that a number of things which could cause monumental damage to us and or to our lives can happen that could leave a big hole in your pocket and of which if we hadn’t prepared ahead of it could leave us impoverished for a lifetime. The big question is how prepared are you and to what extent have you proactively gotten yourself ready beforehand and ahead of those unforeseen circumstances? This is where insurance consciousness comes to mind. Seeking insurance cover if a scheme majorly tapped into my proactive minds alone.

What’s crucial is that you don’t suffer any financial crisis because of a mishap, some unseen forces chasing at you or luck or fate going against you. This is why it is important that you insure and secure your valuables with Insurance, either of your home country or any other insurance firm elsewhere, verified or advised by a certified insurance agent or insurance broker

A good insurance company offers a wide range of insurance covers to its customers such as :- Car/Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Education Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Fire Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Liability Insurance, Burglary Insurance, All Risk Insurance, etc.

Surely going through an insurance company’s range of policies may take you a little while but in the unlikely event of any mishap, you will find your research up-front to have been a time well spent. Feel at peace to inquire from an expert or from more enlightened person for guidance or for referral. It will definitely pay, either now or later and you will never regret you did. No one prays for misfortunes but should they come, don’t wait to be taken aback.  It is always best to be proactive than reactive.


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