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Before You Step Out For That Dating – Consider


Can you really boast of having a sound knowledge about yourself?  Knowing yourself is always the first rule because self-awareness is essential to everything, especially finding a dating partner. How can you seek to understand another when you lack a deep understanding of yourself? This article presents workable tips to help you get acquainted with the best tips on how to get yourself ready and prepared for any dating relationship that you intend to be serious with and make meaningful.


The first and foremost factor to call to mind before making up your mind to venture into any serious and meaningful relationship is maturity. Any man or lady that’s not mature physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally cannot hold, keep and maintain a relationship on earth. There is no two ways about it. Maturity has practically nothing to do with age or body size or educational level. Most people go into relationship because they have reached puberty and have begun to experience sexual urge and perhaps needs an opposite sex. Some do because they’ve entered university and need to “belong”. Some because they’ve gotten the money and think they can take good care of the financial needs of any potential partner. This is the major cause of breakups and consequent heartbreak rampart these days. Maturity here simply means, knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why to do it at each point in time in your relationship.   Being abreast with the right choice of words at any point, knowing how to manage anger and temperament, having an indebt knowledge of yourself and also how to study and know your potential partner within the shortest period of time, having the right wisdom and best approach to manage and resolve issues and misunderstandings, having the complete positive and total resolution mindset to attend to your partner’s worries and problems, having the right advice to deliver at all times, knowing what it means to respect someone irrespective of their gender or social or economic status, knowing how to keep their secrets and respect their privacy, knowing what it entails to attend to someone’s mood-swings and emotional imbalance, having the self control to uphold faithfulness and shun side attractions, etc, all constitute the basic endowment for any  mature man or woman. If after measuring yourself with the above parameters, you see yourself lacking up to 60%, better stay behind and work on yourself the more. Even if you’re not worried and bordered about breaking your own heart, do not risk another person’s own into that kind of emotional danger.

Clarify Your Values.

Values are strong beliefs. They say everything about you. With that said, what do you stand for? Someone once said, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Is there a guiding philosophy directing how you think and behave? Moreover, what is most important concerning relationships? Can two walk together except they agree? Practically no.

Likewise, do you know your limitations? Simply put, do you consider certain values to be non-negotiable? At some point, everyone draws a line. The point is to not lose sight of you and become blinded by emotions. Avoid unnecessary confusion and heartache; clarify what you believe.

Acknowledge Your Strengths and Weakness.

While you’re in a holding pattern, nevertheless, take stock of your abilities.

Never forget that you’ve been uniquely equipped with skills, talents, and special qualities. Yes, you are endowed with something to bring to the relationship. Having good knowledge of your strength and matching it with you weakness and also knowing how to maneuver the two without creating a breach in your personality would be required of you before going into any relationship. Furthermore, always bear in mind that you’re not looking for your soul mate to tell you who you are or what you have. He/she only comes to affirm and confirms what you already know. But a situation whereby you still hide with a coo-cove and expect someone to be your sorcerer, you may not be heading to anywhere meaningful.

Be Honest With Yourself.

In addition to being aware of your strengths, take stock of your shortcomings. No one is perfect; you’re human. At the same time, don’t pretend to be something that you are not. Be yourself. If you must put on a performance to be accepted let it not be something wrong or lie. The worst thing to do is to lie about anything concerning you just to get the person.

Understand Your Personality Type.

This tip is priceless. You have a personality that clicks in certain environments, and it clicks better with certain people. Are you type A or B? Extrovert or Introvert? Or in-between; what I call Midtrovert? A personality assessment will provide answers to these questions and more. You deserve to know.

Hence, understanding your personality type benefits you in three ways. First, you gain insight about why you think and behave a certain way. Second, you discover the differences between the various personality types. Third, you uncover important information about your interactions with others.

Financial strength.

Venturing into a serious relationship that is intended to last without moderately stable financial status is like trying to move a flashy, brand new car having four flat tires. Even if you manage to drive it out of the garage, it won’t go far and you will end up stressing and possibly damaging the tires and wheels. Money is not a fundamental prerequisite for love but it is a compulsory necessity for maintaining a good, smooth and stable love relationship. Meanwhile, you must not be rich before hooking up for a date but having something stable that can keep and maintain the immediate pressing needs of at least two persons should be available. This applies to the two parties involved because there could be times when one could actually go broke and the other would need to supplement. Most breakups experienced in most relationships emanate from the time financial imbalance pops up. When he could no longer afford to take her out, buy small gift, foot other mini bills or generally meet up with some sundry financial obligations. This does not mean that the foundation of love should be built on money but it is a compulsory necessity for every smooth relationship. Even if you guys don’t live luxuriously and spend extravagantly, let there be something to manage life with. Once you see a guy and a lady into relationship begin to quarrel and fight, it’s either over infidelity/cheating or over a bad habit or financial crackdown. Try and secure a steady source of income, no matter how meager before establishing a serious relationship with any opposite sex  else, you may end up in things like constant harsh words, disrespect, less regard, and at worst case scenarios, breakup and potential heartbreak that follows it.

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