5 Signs to Recognize a Woman in Love

5 Signs to Recognize a Woman in Love
5 Signs to Recognize a Woman in Love

This message is for men. If you’re dating a girl for a while and you do not know if she’s in love with you, then follow these tips to decipher her thoughts. If she is close to you physically, if she laughs at your jokes even the least funny and if she has eyes that shine when you see or just thinking of you, no doubt: she has feelings for you. She loves you!

First of all, know it: these signs are also valid for men in love! Love knows no gender.

Behaviors of a woman in love.

You are her confidant 

For a woman, to reveal herself completely, it can take time. So if your girlfriend tells you more and more things, like her little worries at work, her anxieties, her exciting and also awful pasts, her apprehensions and her deepest desires then is means she totally trusts you and wants to share her most intimate baggage with you.

A woman in love wants to know everything about you 

You tell her about yourself and she holds everything.  From your favorite color to your favorite clothing, your other half is interested in everything that concerns you from near and far. If she likes to be the one to whom you tell your past, your future plans and drinks your words every time you open your mouth, for sure, this girl is in love with you! 

Excessive behavior and some show of overreaction.

If she loves you with true love, it is possible that your other half will have quite extreme reactions. For example, you make a mistake and that’s the drama. This small incident takes gigantic proportions to end in tragedy. The day your man or woman ceases to be angry with you and react, somewhat, excessively at your nasty behaviors, know you’ve lost him/her to someone else. Do not be deceived by those kinds of harsh words and overreactions anyway; they are not signs of hatred but exactly the opposite.

But why this kind of behavior?  Maybe just to draw your attention to a problem (even if it’s not the best way, it’s okay. Don’t get it twisted). 

The loving gaze of a woman 

Does your partner look into your eyeballs with shining eyes when you are in front of her? Her gaze, deep and her pupils dilate and then some strange shinny innocent and inviting smile; in your presence? No doubt: you have a lovebird as your better half. This game of gaze conquers every feeling. It is called “the eyes of love”?

Woman in love: the physical signs 

Besides the eyes that shine, there are the inexhaustible smiles, taking the hand, the body language (frequent reconciliations, desires to be glued to each other, cuddles and those kinds of amorous gestures that do not deceive. She also shows some degree or covetousness, selfishness and what might be termed as jealousy about you and also tends to shield you with these attitudes to possessiveness. Monitoring every step you take and fixing invisible cameras all over you. Many people have gotten this particular one twisted and misunderstood it to mean show of distrust but, in the real sense it is not. She is only being protective of what she holds and calls hers.


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