5 Reasons Why Your Guy Doubts Your Relationship

5 Reasons Why Your Guy Doubts Your Relationship
5 Reasons Why Your Guy Doubts Your Relationship

It is not uncommon for a man to doubt his feelings or need reassurance about his relationship from his woman.

All couples can go through phases of turbulence and question themselves all in effort to get reassurance and be more certain for what they are into and whether the person they call theirs is still what they take he/she as. The whole thing depends on your ability to know how to accompany each other to live a fulfilled love relationship in which everyone finds oneself in good and perfect company and safe arms of the other.

In fact, contrary to what one might think, men have a lot of high tendencies to feel insecure in their romantic relationship especially when they are in a distant relationship with you or when you are a social figure or when you are a traveler more especially if he finds out you are in the habit of keeping more company of the opposite sex. What he needs of you,therefore, is continuous acts of passionate and honest reassurance that you’re still there for him and still his’.

These fears are not necessarily yours, as you, who are his partner, with a little tactic can always put him at ease. You can move mountains together. The result will be good for both of you as you will enjoy a fulfilling relationship. Under listed are some of the acts that may trigger that kind of red flag in him:

He caught you talking to another man and you reacted strangely.

Being in a relationship does not necessarily mean having no other friend of the opposite sex. But on the other hand, you do not need to bring unfounded suspicions by hiding to answer a male colleague or reacting with a harsh or unfriendly expression if he tries to inquire who actually the guy was. If you have nothing to hide, just play it fair down with your boyfriend, fiancé or husband not to complicate things unnecessarily

He thinks you see him more as a friend than as a lover.

It’s not a problem if you do not always hug him in the street. 
But if you push him away often for a kiss or try to avoid him when he tries to show affection and intimacy before your other male colleagues it might just spur him into some wanton suspicion. He may pretend everything is okay and brush it off but it will definitely hurt him in the long run… understand it. Nothing stops you from giving him that kiss/peck, warm hug, telling him you love him, leaving his hands on your shoulders, and all that in the public or before your other folks.

Try to be a little cuddly or feline … and then let history to awaken the flame of the good lover in him!

You are very followed and popular on social media platforms…

Every time, on your new photos, you gather sensational comments from secret admirers. So, certainly, there is a good chance that you do not leave him to go find this illustrious stranger/potential rival who is dragging you on Instagram or all that. What could also trigger such feelings for insecurity are the kinds of responses you give to those secret admirers when they turn in some romantic-driven comments. Constantly reassuring your guy that despite all what he is seeing that nothing has changed and also living out attitudes that can backup your sincerity will go a long way to tell him the amount of value you repose in him.

He has been deceived in the past.

It is always difficult to place the mind of someone who has been cheated upon or deceived in the past back to the terrain of normal plain reasoning without much emotional hard work to prove to him that someone can still love him sincerely and that he can still trust someone. When he has lost confidence in the past it would take a little time to build again and only time and patience can solve that if you actually love and value him. He might definitely suspect everything you do and even play down on some of your good intentions; nevertheless try as much to give him confidence and once he builds that trust again, you will enjoy him forever.
Good things come to those who wait patiently for and work towards it.

He thinks you do not spend enough time with him.

There is nothing wrong in your partner wanting to spend more time with you more than you have done in the past or more than you have spent with your ex, so far it does not encroach into your own personal schedules such as business, work and other official duties. If he wants to see more of you and begins to imagine that you have a second life, there is urgency! Give him attention as much as you can and note that people value more the time you spent with then out of your very tight schedules than the one you spent just because you had leisure time.
You could try to invest time a little more in your relationship, just to clear all possible doubts and be on the same wavelength.

How to get it right with him forever.

In as much as there are most men who are just beasts and always insatiable, there are also some who are just angels in human skin. Meanwhile, whichever way it might be the following are some few tactics you can apply to capture your man’s heart forever character-wise.

1.     Argue less with him over trivial issues.

2.     Always be at alert to pick his calls and return one in event you missed it. Reply his chats immediately if you’re online as at the time it drops but if you have any reason not to, try and communicate calmly when free.

3.     Avoid sharing those special romantic attributes he cherishes most in you with any outsider (keep it for him and him alone).

4.     Try as much as possible to respect his good opinion at all times while you chip in yours as when due.

5.     Avoid any kind of resentment.

Any good man that doesn’t run short of supply of all these from his woman will always be okay with her even without food.


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