4 Tips to on how to Start a Relationship

4 Tips to on how to Start a Relationship
4 Tips to on how to Start a Relationship

Butterflies in the belly, feeling of well-being, radiant mind, welcomes you to the wonderful world of early love! The beginning of a relationship is magical that nothing else exists around; we could feed exclusively on caresses and kisses! As we wish you to have it last as long as possible, here are some tips to avoid getting rid of everything!

Relationship of thrill and exciting first fruits

At the beginning of a relationship, there is electricity in the air, desire, magic, clasping hands, hearts that beat, a smile, a little, but that you cannot erase … You are fulfilled, and it shows!

These are the feelings of passionate love that we would always like to see last. 

So for the moment, it’s useless to ask you a thousand questions and to intellectualize the relationship. Live the present moment to not regret the beginnings and their particular taste.

At the beginning of a couple, there is fragility…

Like any beginning, the beginnings of a relationship are fragile, we lay the foundation hoping to come up with something solid!

So not to risk the crack, we think about its mistakes, and especially, when we go from one relationship to another, we do not reproduce the same pattern as in his previous relationship! 

Nothing worse, for example, than to start talking about his/her ex at first appointments!

Whether they were adorable or detestable, your man/woman of the present does not care and might run away if you keep him/her from your past troubles.

Do not fall in the early signs.

Do not make these classic mistakes of the beginnings of a relationship that would put an end to all your hopes for the future.

No need, for example, to lie about what you are, what you do … One, it’s tiring and painful for yourself, and two, your guy will unmask very quickly thereafter.

Another pitfall of early love: call him or send him a text every half hour. Worse, wait desperately for his phone call, which does not come … Stop!

We breathe, we go out, we go to see her friends, but never ever, we remain at the disposal of its new conquest. No need to create a feeling of dependence and to close at the beginning, nor ever!

Everyone needs “oxygen”. 

Finally, the beginnings of a relationship are not the time for major projects. Think of the movie you are going to see tonight or at the restaurant of tomorrow, but certainly not at the family reunion that takes place in six months or worse, at the wedding and the children of a hypothetical future!

Seduction and persuasion game.

Because the beginnings of a relationship are intense, we would like to see them continue over and over again. And for the story to work there are no secrets: a certain investment is necessary.

Thus, we make the seduction last inthecouple: we do not take out the pajamas with flowers from the first months, we take care of ourselves, and we are surprised… 

As a result, a woman who feels beautiful has confidence in her, trust in the future and trust in the relationship. Without projecting yourself, it is important to lay the groundwork for mutual trust if you want your relationship to continue. A beautiful story is always written now to last a time or in time…


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