10 Indications He Takes Your Relationship Seriously

10 Indications He Takes Your Relationship Seriously
10 Indications He Takes Your Relationship Seriously

The beginning of a relationship is a honeymoon but also a moment of stress: does he really care about you? Does he see a future with you? Does he take your relationship seriously? Difficult to answer these questions … But we managed to find the 10 proofs that he really takes your relationship seriously! There could actually be more.

He always asks for your opinion before embarking on projects or other major decisions.

You may not be at this point where you naturally spend all your time together but whatsoever he wants to embark on, he would call you to seek your own opinion and get you guys plan it together. This can be obtainable because you have priority in his projects.

He’s worried if he did not hear from you for a whole day

This text that says “Hey, how was your day?  Does not necessarily mean that he has thought of you. He also wants to say that he wondered what you did so that you do not think to send him an SMS or a chat. It also goes a long way to signify priority and placement.

He thinks that, in fact, you are his “plus one”

When he invites you to a wedding simply by saying, “We have a wedding in November,”it shows that he takes your relationship very seriously. When your man begins to schedule social functions together with you, he might not just be up for some play-boy cajoles.

He makes sure to take you to his favorite places

He takes you to his favorite bar or “the best bar in the area” (according to him). That means he lets you enter his universe. It’s a way of telling you, “I trust you enough not to be waiting in the face with a knife if I ever leave you”.

And that’s a sign he’s holding on to you. 

He watches some home videos with you because he knows it’s your favorite show

No man wants to watch a series of girls’ videos unless he wants to sleep with you or he tries to score points with you. If he’s already slept with you, he’s trying to score points.

If he did not see your relationship evolving, he would never have lost 5 hours watching Twist of Fate or the likes again and again with you. 

He takes his things with him

When he comes to spend the night at home, he does not run away from your apartment in the first rays of the sun. He wants to stay for breakfast. 

His friends added you on Facebook

No sane person would add someone to Facebook if they were not sure that person would stay in the friendly landscape.

Obviously, not everyone is sane. But if you receive a wave of invitations from his friends, it is because they know that he is sincerely committed to you.

He visits you when you are sick

Cuddling a person full of germs and snot is not fun for anyone. If he makes soup and spends time with you while you’re sick and build a mountain of used tissues, it’s because you’re not just a night’s throw. 

He agrees to take his time

When he did not cut the bridges with you because you refused to sleep with him so early in your relationship and you had a conversation about your future hold him tight!

He does not avoid your friends or family

If he intended to leave you after a few weeks of relationship, he would never have met your family and friends. He obviously does not want to leave…


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